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Welcome to RazzyRoo Headbands!

RazzyRoo Headbands are the markets Premier Adjustable Non Slip Headbands.  Created for women & girls who never want to worry about their hair falling in their face during a workout or just adding a great hair accessory to dress up any outfit.  Our headbands are made of beautiful ribbons and lined with soft plush velvet creating the "All Day Non Slip Grip".  We took it a step further and added the "Perfect Fit Adjustable Slider - "A Perfect Fit Every time for Everybody".

Our Founder, Cheryl Woods of Aztec, NM began designing these headbands out of necessity in 2010.  As a Half Marathon runner at the time Cheryl needed a headband that worked and wouldn't slip off her head.  After being through what seemed like every headband product on the market that didn’t stay in place and always slipped off the back of her head because it was either too tight or too loose, Cheryl knew there had to be a better option. So she went to the sewing machine and designed her own product. "I wanted a headband that was functional, fun, and fit my head". Cheryl knew velvet ribbon created a "sticking" feature that wouldn’t damage her hair. So she lined beautiful ribbons with plush velvet ribbon and added an adjustable slider so she could make it any size she wanted. Finally a headband that stayed in place and looked great! And that is how RazzyRoo Headbands emerged.

Cheryl’s hobby blossomed into a thriving business venture and now her product line of RazzyRoo Headbands can be found in some of the finest running & athletic stores, boutiques and gift shops all over the United States and beyond.

RazzyRoo Headbands are proudly Made in the USA.  In 2013 we were honored to receive the prestigious Edge Award from the 4 Corners Economic Development for bringing Economic Vitality into our region.


Cheryl Woods, Founder